Church Of Christ

The first pastor was Reverend Otto Maier, who taught German on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as conducting services. The church became a centre for German culture in Charters Towers.

While the old world and gothic-styled building was completed in 1886, it wasn’t until 1887 that the site’s most prized bell tower was constructed. The design was modelled on the poppet heads that dotted the Charters Towers landscape at the time. Two bells were shipped out from Germany, and are marked Mich Gos F/. Otto in Hemelingen Bei Bremen 1887. Provisions were
made for three bells, however, the tower has only ever featured two as the third was ready for shipping from Bremen when the First World War broke out and is believed to have been melted down for arms.

The German Lutheran community had remained active until that time, but with the decline in mining during the war and the sentiment around German people during the war, the church was sold and became known as the Charters Towers Church of Christ.

In 1982 the old bell tower was restored, and again in 2009 considerable money was spent shoring up the ailing structure. Following a merger with the Baptists locally, the congregation decided to sell the heritage-listed church. Owen and Liz Schmidt purchased it in 2014.

They began renovations on the 1986 constructed hall behind the church, which took 15 months to get approval for. Their renovations, including a courtyard extensions and carport were in keeping with the streetscape, while not mimicking the heritage of the existing building.

The hall is now their home, while the church is used regularly by community groups and organisations for meetings and events. The bells also continue to ring and are rung on special occasions such as weddings, funerals and other significant events